We have an ambitious goal to create unique OffTheMenu food experiences in partnership with local restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs.We are constantly looking for innovators in the food industry and brave restaurants that put customers first and serve delicious food - Get in touch and we will make sure your tables are always busy! 

A collaboration example: 

  • You send us your secret dish along with a write up about the concept and origins and how long you are running it for
  • We promote the dish to our members on the website as well as closed group on Facebook and assign your password to the dish
  • Customers old and new come flooding into your restaurant saying the password in the hopes of trying your limited time secret dish
  • You customers are thrilled about trying something new, share how unique it is and how lucky they are to have been one of the select few to try it and rave about your restaurant on social media, and word of mouth.


We are also open to various other collaboration projects that lead to off the menu experiences. Food bloggers, PR agencies, restaurant critics or private individuals that would like to develop the concept in their geographical area - dont be shy, just send us a message! 

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