Alex Mih CEO eatoffthemenu
  Alex Mih, Founder, London
“I was a business intelligence analyst and then a sales executive in one of the top 10 companies in the world. But I reached that point in life where becoming a corporate runaway scared me no longer and I felt it was the right time to embrace my true passion. In the secret section of my CV you would have always found that I am an aspiring amateur cook terrorising friends and family with off recipe cooking and spicy dishes that often make everyone cry. I am also an enthusiastic foodie with an insatiable desire to try new restaurants and most of all - new dishes that have exciting and emotional background stories. EatOffTheMenu is a platform to share these wonderful stories with  all of you because food is not only fun and entertaining but food also brings us closer together - and you tell me if life is not ultimately about being surrounded by good friends and having some fun"

Vlad Gherciu CTO eatoffthemenu
Vlad Gherciu, Technology, Luxembourg
“Having worked in the e-commerce business for the past 5 years I had witnessed first-hand the revolution in consumer dynamics. We have become more sophisticated and more informed about the choices presented to us. We all now want to digitally taste what we will later physically eat. EatOffTheMenu project presents me with the task of matching folks like us looking for new and interesting ways of dining with the venues that are up for the challenge. Every new experience should be an innovation in itself made by a caring owner. Where I come from food is the greatest conductor for social interaction and bonding, and the ones making the food are running the show. I hope to discover these artists and shed light on their work." 

Victor Black CMO eatoffthemenu
 Victor Black, Sales & Marketing, London
"After getting a degree in integrated water and waste management I was diagnosed with "another millennial with the save the world" syndrome. And honestly, I don't mind that, I fight for our environment one small battle at a time. My other passion though is food, from eating to cooking and sharing with my friends and family. So when it comes to cooking, I am what I preach, a rebellious cook going off the beaten path. I experiment every single time because I believe nothing in the fridge should go to waste! Ever! This way I am engineering or simply discovering new dishes every single time. When I found out about eatoffthemenu project from Alex I thought my dream is coming true. I was ready to embark on an exciting journey with secret dishes, rebellious chefs and amazing restaurants from day one!