"Don't miss out on all the fun!"

What if we told you that some restaurants in London have amazing secret dishes that are not listed on their menus but are available only for people who know about them!? How amazing would it be to try one of those dishes?  

EatOffTheMenuThe concept is quite simple - we scour the city for secret dishes that restaurants hide from their menu and gather them on our website with a little bit of description and a review from us. We also discover what makes these OffTheMenu dishes so special and share with you weekly on our blog! Is it an age old secret family recipe? Is it an experimental dish invented by the chef? Follow our blog and satisfy that burning curiosity!  

But is it all about the secret dish? Absolutely not! Every single experience is centred on the OffTheMenu dish but we are working with each individual restaurant to offer so much more! Fancy an exotic table arrangement from the Renaissance era? A tour of a kitchen? A selfie with the chef? What about a master class on preparing your own secret dish?  

Teatoffthemenuo summarise it all, we will find the bravest and the most creative food joints in town and present you with something new and unforgettable every week. All you have to do is chose your experience on our website, book it and show up at the restaurant. When you are at the restaurant just ask to EatOffTheMenu - make a James Bond face and whisper the name of the dish. (and of course give them your name and ID if necessary) Don't miss out on all the fun!  Dare for more! EatOffTheMenu!




If you want to find out more on who we are or how did this idea come to life, just follow the links.